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  NEW! Location Targeted Traffic!
Guaranteed Visitors From Your Country & Category!
New! 1,000+ GUARANTEED visitors specifically from your country or region!

It's the fast and effective way to give your website an instant traffic boost! 

Get 1,000+ Website Visitors
NEW! Guaranteed Visitors From Your Country
Includes Category Based Targeting
Visitors Delivered Within 30 Days
Introductory Offer: Starting $12.99 /mth

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  Traffic Delivered in 30 Days 

You'll receive a steady flow of traffic to your website each month. Order today and start receiving visitors within 2-3 business days!

    Maximize Your Traffic

Want even more traffic? We have packages of up to 10,000 visitors per month. Simply select the amount of traffic you need and leave the rest to us!

Country Targeting Options:

Category Targeting Options:

Get 1,000 Visitors to Your Website Today!
Without a steady stream of visitors to your website, it's almost impossible to make sales! 

Our website traffic comes from a large network of publisher websites who simply load your webpage in a seperate window along with their website. This ensures your website traffic is targeted to the location and category you've selected which can help to boost your conversion rates!

Don't delay, ORDER TODAY!

Traffic Guidelines for Location Targeted Traffic
URLs in the program can not contain any of the following:
  1. Any form of redirect (301 or 302 included).
  2. Additional pop-up windows that load with your website, when a user exits your website or which opens within your website.
  3. Any website that automatically initiates download boxes or scripting that alters the user's browser including JavaScript alerts or dialogue boxers.
  4. Sound which plays automatically (background or flash).
  5. Adult, Illegal, Casino, Gambling, Pharmaceutical, Violent or Hate related content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Location Targeted Traffic?
It's a website traffic service which delivers a specified number of visitors to your website in 30 days or less. Traffic from the program comes from a large network of publisher websites who simply load your webpage in a separate window along with their website. This traffic is targeted to the country and category selected with your order.

Where does the traffic come from?
Traffic comes from a large number of publisher websites who simply load your webpage in a separate window along with their website.

These websites must pass some strict quality guidelines before they will be accepted into our network. For example, these sites must receive a minimum of 2,500 page views per month and have an original design/content with no references or links to any questionable or illegal content.

Please note that all visitors delivered through this service will use our traffic server ( for targeting purposes. This helps to ensure your campaign visitors are targeted to the location and category you have selected. Your website stats may pick this up as the referrer for this traffic source. To view an example, please click here..

Is the service an ongoing subscription?
All Location Targeted Traffic services are repeated on a monthly basis for each URL you have sent to us and the services will be completed for each URL. You can manage your subscription by logging into your PayPal account.

For further information please read through our Terms and Conditions.

How long will it take to receive my traffic?
Once you have received your service completion report, visitors will begin hitting your site within 24 hours.  You will receive a steady amount of visitors to your specified URL over the next 20-30 days.  

How can I keep track of progress?
You will receive a single report at the beginning of your campaign which will include login details to our system alowing you to monitor the traffic being delivered at anytime. Using these login details you can also change the targetting options of your campaign.

If you have misplaced these login details, please contact our customer service team here.

I'm receiving high bounce rates from visitors from this service - why?
Location Targeted Traffic is a web traffic service which sends traffic to your site from a large range of other sites across the web. These sites will simply load your webpage in a separate window along with their site. If a visitor is not interested in your webpage or offer, they can elect to close the window immediately, which is why you may be receiving high bounce rates.

The key to achieving good results from this program is to come up with an offer/webpage which is immediately appealing to visitors and will grab their attention. This will help to get people clicking on your site and drive stronger interaction.

How can I cancel my subscription?
To update or cancel your agreement with Pty Ltd, log in to your PayPal account, go to your Profile and click My Money. Your agreement is in My Preapproved Payments.
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ineedhits - Serving 1 Million Businesses Since 1996

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