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ineedhits Reviews and Testimonials

We love happy customers. See the reviews we've received from happy clients over the past 13 years!

Rainbow Signs:
"I'm getting lots and lots of sales enquiries!"

Since using ineedhits ESA advertising service, new sales leads have increased by around 200%

I have been very impressed with their quick understanding of the special needs of my business.

I think our PPC campaign will make us a lot of money in the next 12 months.

George Grundy

Catmax Cat Enclosures:

Catmax have seen sales increase by 400% since using ineedhits search engine optimization (SEO) and Google advertising (PPC) services. 
  • 400% Increase in Online Sales
  • Hundreds of Page 1 Google Rankings
  • Over 3,000 Search Visitors Each Month
  • Huge Boost in Website Visitors
"Not only have we seen a fantastic sales increase, we've also managed
to cement our market position despite increased competition."

Paul Chapman, Catmax Cat Enclosures

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Darwin Reef 'n' Wrecks:

After using our Guaranteed SEO service for only 3 months, Darwin Reef 'N' Wrecks established a huge number of Page 1 rankings on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. 
  • Google Page 1 - Darwin Fishing Charter
  • Google Page 1 - Darwin Fishing Trips
  • Google Page 1 - Darwin Fishing
  • Google Page 1 - Darwin Charters
"We've increased our search engine traffic by almost 30% in just 3 months!"

Jim Bancroft, Darwin Fishing Charters

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Success China Tours:

Success China Tours have used our Guaranteed SEO and managed Google AdWords services to increase online bookings by 85%
  • 85% increase in online bookings
  • 45% increase in organic search engine traffic
  • Over 1,000 new search engine visitors each month
  • High conversion rates from targeted search engine traffic
"We've definitely seen a big increase in bookings and website traffic. I'm very happy with the results from ineedhits!"

Huixiang Cheng, Success China Tours

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Protect West Security:

Protect West Security have recruited 4 more full time employees to cope with the sales and have seen website enquiries increase by 60%.
  • 60% increase in website enquiries
  • Positive return on investment for every dollar spent
  • Business expansion with 4 more full time employees
  • Increased sales and monthly revenue 

"For every dollar I spend I get $33 back in revenue. I am amazed at the increased response we are getting on our website."

Terry HaydenProtect West Perth Security

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Tsunami Japanese Restaurant:

Tsunami Sushi now reaches over 10,000 local searchers each month thanks to their optimized Google Local Listing!
  • Over 10,000 monthly listing impressions
  • 10+ Page 1 organic local rankings
  • 400+ searchers taking action from their listing each month.
  • Increased bookings and enquiries

"Customer service has been excellent."

Brett Carboni, Tsunami Japanese Restaurant

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Delicious Buds Chocolate Bouquets:

Delicious Buds have used our managed Google AdWords services to reach thousands of interested customers every month. 
  • 1,300 visitors each month
  • Page 1 average Google position
  • Reduced campaign cost per click (CPC)
  • 10% Ad click through rate (CTR)
"We are happy with ineedhits and have been with you for many years now. We always find Michael very helpful."

Anna De Carvalho, Delicious Buds Chocolate Bouquets

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After poor results with Google Ads that I placed, and newspaper adverts, I began looking for professional help in reaching potential leads. Initially I was skeptical about the results that Ineedhits said they should expect, but they have done the job!  I expect hits everyday now. Calling and selling is easier when leads have already shown interest in my ad and left contact details.

Great that ineedhits chose all my keywords – they had the expertise. Account management is great, response time is very quick, dramas dealt with ASAP; either by email or phone call. ROI is 600%. I will look to upgrade my campaign to the next level with Ineedhits soon.

Nigel Brookes,

I’ve been using ineedhits now for over a year and have done so with great success!  Their great customer service and willingness to work hard for their customers is second to none! We are still considered a start up business broker and 60% percent of our business sales goes to That’s how much confidence we have in them! And in return we are seeing many hits to our site and are slowly converting them to dollars. 

Thanks you guys…we appreciate it. Here’s to a long and prosperous relationship!

Tracey Dunnet

It’s been great working with ineedhits and I’m happy to see we’ve already achieved several top 10 Google positions after only a few months.  Almost 50% of our traffic now comes from Google searches and it continues to grow.

Natasha Di Ciano, Egami Style

Dear ineedhits,

I have no hesitation in recommending your ineedhits service. You have a valuable and affordable service. Well worthwhile!

Your 'Premium Submit' service exceeded my expectations. Within a few days I saw my bathroom renovations website listed near the top on the big search engines for my favorite keywords. Many thanks! Keep up the good work.

Gordon Whittet

We sought the help of to list a newly registered domain in the major search engines and directories. Within 48 hours our web site had achieved dozens of top 10 listings in AltaVista, MSN, Yahoo! and AlltheWeb with our chosen meta-tag based keywords. The biggest surprise was five days later when I discovered our site on the first page in Google on each of our top 3 keywords.

I highly recommend to anyone who has a established or newly launched web site and wishes to increase their positioning in the major search engines.

Tom Defty,

After a couple of months advertising on "I Need Hits" I am finally enjoying more sales than ever before, the customer service is amazing, real people actually phone you to see how your site is going.

Thankyou Alex, I am learning heaps and I am finally seeing my presence on the world wide web.  Thankyou everybody who contributes to the many functions of "I Need Hits"

Deborah Bianchi,

We have recommended to a multitude of customers and friends who are looking to build up their internet presence because ineedhits has worked so well for us.

Ever since using ineedhits we have been in the first page of every search if not the top spot!

Susan Wood,

Thank You very much for your great service. Your website tools have helped my website gain more traffic than I could have hoped for. I purchased the G-Boost service thinking that you couldn't possibly get my site into Google within 7days, but within 7 days there it was in Google.

The extra hits I have received as a result have helped to take my business further and get noticed by potential customers.  All Customer Support I have received has also been excellent and the live help service has been a superb way of answering any question I have and the support staff are always very polite and helpful.

Andrew Peers,

I just wanted to tell everyone that is the best way to get your business into the search engines with the services they provide. I have 2 websites they have optimized and the G-Boost is amazing. The support is outstanding as well.

Alex has been a great help answering my questions and expediting my orders. He works late and goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction is his top priority. My sites have recieved a total of about 350-400 new visitors a day with the G-Boost and Optimizer kit package!

Randy M,

I want to thank you again for giving me this opportunity to give you my feedback on your fabulous service. I purchased Premium Submit for my business
Shortly after my submission I started receiving emails from prospective clients asking me questions about my services, etc. Not only that, I then started receiving phone calls from people local to my area and nationwide. Since I do provide delivery service, this was defintely perfect for me and a great beginning.

I am convinced that these sales happened because of my website submission to the search engines, enabling people to find me in their searches. 


I never dreamed that I would ever see my website on the first page of a Google Search. I have been able to use the Easy PPC, Search Readiness Report and the Optimiser Kit Plus to improve my website so that it now reaches its target audience. And that means customers to my door.

The help that I have received from Alex and the team at ineedhits has been invaluable to my business, and in turn, to my clients. I can't thank you enough Alex for your support, thoughtfulness and encouragement.

Melinda Cleal

Dear Louise,

Thank you for taking care of [my question] so quickly. Of course I am willing to give a testimonial for the six+ years of wonderful service from!

My option all this time has been 'Submit Ongoing' [now called Business Essentials]. Your SEO has truly helped me to be in the top area of the search engines for my main work. With 'Angel Readings' keyword I am in 1st or 2nd place throughout the world in most of the search engines. I also find myself up top for 'Violet Flame Reiki', 'Healings', and also for 'Prayers and Meditation'. There are many other key words that are among the first 30 listings.

These placements are exceptional and show due diligence on the part of your caring and highly skilled employees. Yes, I have outsourced for all these years and have been truly happy with your company. May we both have many more years of outstanding association!

I consider myself blessed and led intuitively to your service when we both were just beginning on the Internet. Success is measured in the quality and abundance of clients and you have surpassed even my creative visualizations for success!!!

In light, love, and the Angel of Abundance,

Lori Healy-Reed,

Dear ineedhits,

Gummy Lump is very pleased with your service, Yahoo Search Submit PRO! It has really helped us target customers interested in our toys and has increased our sales at only a fraction of the cost of Google AdWords. We were so pleased with your initial service that we purchased more services from your company. Thank you for such wonderful service (especially Mark Ehlers) and for coming through for us!


Linda Rocco,

Mark Ehlers and his staff have been instrumental in the start up success of my website. I am a small, independent Auto Dealer in South Florida, and when I created my new website, I needed professional advice and service to get my name and site "out there". Mark and his staff at was very patient with me, listened to my requests, and put together a wonderful, cost effective package for me. All my e-mails and concerns were answered much quicker than I expected, and in the first week of doing business with ineedhits, I can see a dramatic increase in inquiries from my site. I have nothing but full praise for, and their staff. The customer service, and the product success are the best I have encountered in a long time, via internet or otherwise."

Corey Hipscher, Internet Department Manager, AutoShow Sales and Service,

"Cheapest Prices Search Engine has used the services of for several years. We are extremely happy with both the results we have received and with the customer service department.

We submit different pages on a monthly basis and we see results in a very short time. ineedhits has a lot to offer and the prices are very competitive.

Each time we have contacted customer service, we have received a very timely response and they go out of their way to make sure that we are taken care of in all regards.

Cheapest Prices Search Engine uses ineedhits for many of our traffic needs and each month we increase our exposure and our targeted traffic hits.

This statement was given by Cheapest Prices Search Engine CTO Wes Welch as a way of saying thank you for many years of outstanding service to"

Wes Welch,

...I just wanted to let you know we are experiencing more hits on our web site since we had your help! We are a very very small company, but I have received some customer leads as a result of direct hits on our web site since did the keyword analysis and updated our web site code. You have been very helpful. Thanks!

Thanks very much,

Duane Tash, Riviera Court Apartments

"UtterAccess currently receives approximately 500,000 hits per day and the traffic growth slope from the beginning to current day has remained virtually consistent. After 2 years of effort and investment, UA is now not only self sustaining; it has reached a level where it is profitable!"

Gord Hubbell

"Dear, thank you so much for all your help! Your submission program is excellent and I will recommend you to my friends. The results are immediate and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
R. Devin

"Hi, by using your system for our Web site a few times each year, we are now on top of certain search engines. can be recommended 100%."
J. Schiffer

"Thanks, you’ve doubled my hits in two weeks! What more can I say? Refer any undecided customers to me, if you wish."
M. Hancox

"Before I subscribed, I had barely any hits per day, 10 if I was lucky. It was pretty time consuming to do all the submissions myself and it wasn't helping much. Now that I have the monthly submission, I know I can count on at least 50 or more hits per day."

Tari Hann

"The amount of time this [ineedhits’ Easy Submit] saved me was also incalculable. After all, I probably could have done these submissions myself, but how many hours would that have "cost" me? I make more money in one and one-half minutes doing medical consultations than your submission fee."

Dr. Dana Myatt


Thanks for the tips. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for and your assistance is well worth the price you charge. I hope you and your organization have continued success. You seem like decent, honest folks and we can't have too many people like that in either hemisphere. Thanks again for your help,
Ken Wade

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