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Optimization - FAQs



Q: What is Search Engine Optimization?

A: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is both a science and an art, ensuring that a website appears higher on a search engine results page for relevant search terms.

This is achieved by altering a number of factors both on and off the website pages to take advantage of the way that a search engine works.

ineedhits offers a range of SEO services in our optimization section.


Q: How can I make the best use of ineedhits' optimization services?

A: To achieve the best results from ineedhits's search engine optimization services you should follow instructions and recommendations outlined in the reports that you will receive from us.

One of the common mistakes is not uploading the optimized code, so that the service cannot take the effect.

Please note the effects from our optimization service can take between 2 months- 1 year to produce results.

If you are not sure about what you need to do after we have completed services for you, you can always talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives by clicking on the Live Chat button located at the top right corner of this page.


Q: What is Keyword Analysis?

A: Choosing the right keywords is a crucial part of .

Keyword Analysis is the process of finding the most effective keywords/ phrases for your website. This includes the most popular and suitable variations of those phrases.

Our SEO specialists can provide a Keyword Analysis for your website. Click here to find out more!


Q: What is Code Optimization?

A: Your website's code is what a search engine spider "reads" when it visits your site. Therefore, it is very important that your website's code is search engine ready and optimized to enjoy good ranking in search engine results.

ineedhits' Code Optimization service is the perfect solution. Our SEO specialists will ensure your code contains all the important meta tags but no errors. Click here to find out more!


Q: What are Meta Tags?

A: Meta tags are bits of text placed with the HTML code of your website, but are not displayed on the website.

Search engines use these tags for the sole purpose of indexing and cataloging your website. The mata tags are always found between the <Head> and </Head> tags.

If you would like assistance in creating meta tags for your website, our Code Optimiazation service is a perfect solution. Click here to find out more.


Q: Should I review my Title Tags?

A: When your website is loaded onto a customer's browser or a search engine's spider, the title tag is the first piece of information used to catalogue (index) your site in the search engine results.

Because your title tag is VERY important in the search engine indexing and ranking process, you need to make sure your title is as descriptive as possible.


Q: What are ALT Tags and do I need to use them?

A: ALT tags are alternative text that can be displayed instead of an image if a visitor to your website cannot view the images in their browser.

You should always use ALT tags especially if your website contains lots of photos or graphic-image maps at the top of your home page. The reason for this is that some search engines will take this alternative text into account when they rank your website.

Generally, ALT tags look like this:

<img src="/images/ineedhits.gif" alt=" Professional Search Engine Marketing Company">


Q: What is a Search Readiness Report?

A: The Search Readiness Report offers an initial assessment by our professional SEO specialists to see if your site is search engine ready.

It includes an overall search readiness score, recommended changes, explanations and tips. Click here to find out more!


Q: What is meant by the term "Search Engine Ready"?

A: Search engine ready website code is the code that has no errors and contains optimized title and meta tags, and therefore it is ready to be indexed in search engines and enjoy good rankings.


Q: How can I make my website more search engine friendly?

A: Try to avoid using large amounts of multimedia on your website. This includes using movies, Flash development, JavaScript or visual basic scripting (forms).

Frame pages and redirections can also hinder search engine spiders from crawling through your website. One way to get around this if you feel you need to have frames is to basically code a normal page adn place it within <noframes> tags. This will be picked up by the search engine spidera as it will jump over your <frameset>, and then proceed to index whatever information is within the <noframes> tags.

Redirections are a big no-no for search engines. Many will penalize, or not index your page at all, if you have redirections on your page. The reason for this is that many people try to trick the search engines by optimizing a page for specific keywords, but then redirect people to something completely different.

You can get an initial assessment of your website by our professional SEO specialists to see if your site is search engine ready through our Search Readiness Report.


Q: Can the Code Upload service be performed for all types of websites?

A: If the correct FTP details are provided adn the website is setup to allow us to upload Meta Tags then we can complete the Code Upload.


Q: Will the Code Uplaod service upload all my tags for my Code Optimization service?

A: If you have a HTML site the na technician will attempt to upload all tags to your site. If you site is not HTML then only the Title, Description and Keyword tags will be attempted to be uploaded due to the complex nature of non HTML based sites.


Q: What are FTP details?

A: The simplest and most secure way to update webpage files is using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), which allows us to exchange files over the Internet. Once you provide us with the FTP/host address for your website, we can upload your new website code for you.

An FTP address looks like a normal website address, but in some cases it uses the prefix "ftp" instead of "www".

Below are some examples of what an FTP address can look like:


You will also have to provide us with your FTP password. If you are unaware about your FTP details, ask your web hosting company for your details.


Q: How can I update my FTP details?

A: Please forward your new FTP details to


Q: How long will it take until my website achieves good rankings in search engines?

A: Effects from our optimization services can take between 2 months and 1 year to produce results.


Q: How can I monitor my websites ranking?

A: We would suggest implementing a website statistics program for your site such as Hitslink. To get a free 30 day trial of Hitslink click here.


Q: Are the Optimization services an ongoing or one off payment?

A: ineedhits products and services are subscription based. This mean they will automatically renew, as explained in our Terms and Conditions.

If you do not wish to continue your subscription, then you may cancel your subscription any time prior to renewal through your online account.


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