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Step 1:
Understanding Your Website

A website is a collection of inter-related and linked web pages containing information in text, graphic or other multimedia format. Identified by a web address (i.e., each of the Web pages within the website have their own unique location or URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

The appearance, content and functionality of Web pages is determined and controlled by the programming language used in their design. Most Web pages use HTML as their primary programming language or website code, though many other languages do exist (e.g. Java, Flash).

Website code is comprised of certain elements that are not only important to the design and functionality of the website, but critical to the success of your Web pages in search engine rankings.

These elements include:

Title Tag
Keyword Tag
Meta Tag
Description Tag
Body Content
Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL use these and other elements to index your Web pages in their database. The process of indexing (explained in Step 2: Understanding Search Engines) plays a major role in the rankings you will receive on the search engine results pages. Therefore all these elements need to be search engine friendly (i.e. optimized for search engines) in order to maximize the exposure of your website on the Internet.

 So how can ineedhits help you?

Not sure if your website is search engine ready?

ineedhits offers a full Search Readiness Report which gives you an overall search readiness score, recommended changes, problem fixes and simple DIY advice.

Search Engine Readiness Report Buy Now Search Engine Readiness Report

Do you have a website and need help optimizing it?

ineedhits offers a full range of search engine optimization services, including code optimization and keyword analysis.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Do you want someone to do all the hard work for you?

Take advantage of ineedhits’ easy and hassle-free packages. Visit our optimization services for more information.

ineedhits Packages and Special Offers

Find out more about search engines. (Go to Step 2)
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Introduction: Your Guide to Search Engine Marketing
Step 1: Understanding Your Website
Step 2: Understanding Search Engines
Step 3: On-Page Search Engine Optimization
Step 4: Off-Page Search Engine Optimization
Step 5: Search Engine Submission
Step 6: Paid Search Advertising
Step 7: ineedhits Search Engine Marketing Services
Step 8: Conversion Tips

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ineedhits - Serving 1 Million Businesses Since 1996

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