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Step 6:
Paid Search Advertising

"Marketers should capitalize on the fact that campaigns can be built according to precise metrics -- limiting costs, guaranteeing ROI, and minimizing risk."

Paid Search Engine Advertising

Search engines offer two main types of paid search advertising (inclusion). They are:

Paid Inclusion
Paid Placement & Pay For Performance (P4P)
These services guarantee your websites inclusion in the corresponding search engines, with each offering specific features that provide marketers benefits such as better exposure or measurable returns on investment.

Paid Inclusion

Paid inclusion programs guarantee inclusion in the search engine databases for a fee. However, though inclusion is assured, no guarantees on ranking are offered. In paid inclusion programs, your Web page optimization still controls your success in the search engine rankings.

Paid Placement / Pay For Performance (P4P)

Paid Placement

Paid placement is an advertising method available to website owners, where for a fee; they will receive prominent exposure on the search results page. These adverts are usually separated from the organic listings under the heading of “sponsored links”. Paid placement is sometimes referred to as PFP – pay for placement, or pay for prominence/position.

Pay For Performance (P4P) Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay 4 Performance (P4P), often referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, gives websites prime exposure on the search engine pages and is charged out on a per click basis. That is, a website owner only incurs a fee when a user clicks a link to their website. These are great search engine marketing programs for website owners looking for an advertising method with measurable Return on Investment (ROI). However, these programs are usually highly involved and difficult to manage.

Pay Per Click management involves several areas. Initially, appropriate keywords and effective adverts need to be drafted. Beyond maintaining these items, keyword bid management and the fine-tuning of campaigns to improve click through traffic for a number of different programs or search engines is an extremely time consuming process. To maintain optimal ROI levels, all factors need to be managed on an ongoing basis.

ineedhits offers an easy way for you to tap into the power of pay-per-click advertising without having to become an expert. With Easy Search Advertising, we manage the whole program for you, delivering qualified visitors from only $199/month.

 To sum up:

For Paid Placement:

Top-Up Traffic

Do you want guaranteed top 10 exposure across over 250+ search engines? With over 150 million searches a month on the ISEDN network, your Web pages will get prime exposure.

Top-Up Traffic Buy Now
Top-Up Traffic

For Pay Per Click Advertising:

Easy Search Advertising

Get guaranteed Google and Yahoo! traffic to your website. With Easy Search Advertising, we manage the whole program for you. Simply choose the level of traffic you need and we deliver!

Easy Search Advertising Buy Now Easy Search Advertising

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