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Step 3:
On-Page Search Engine Optimization

So, what exactly is on-page search engine optimization?

On-page search engine optimization involves fine-tuning the various elements of your actual website code to maximize your web page’s ranking potential in search engines' results.

When looking to optimize your website for search engines, the following areas should be addressed:

Keyword Selection

Keywords are the words, terms and phrases that web users enter on search engines to find websites of interest. It is essential for your website to be optimized for the keywords that your potential customers are likely to use and perceive relevant to your website content.

Getting the perfect mix of keywords for your Web pages is a tricky process. Sometimes using the most obvious keywords is not the best solution. A balance between broad and specific terms is essential. Too broad, and you’ll be competing against too many other sites, too specific and you could miss your customers. You need to understand the best terms for reaching your target market.

There are also many rules to follow with your keywords to avoid being excluded from search engines. Websites should avoid excessive keyword abuse (keyword spamming). Most search engines will penalize websites for misuse of keywords. Always remember, your customers want their experience to be as user friendly as possible. So it’s important to ensure your website copy has a strong marketing message rather than ineffective keyword repetition.

ineedhits offers professional Keyword Analysis for your website. It will suggest the best keywords for your page, offering common variations, exact statistics on keyword usage and ensure you are maximizing the traffic potential to your Web page.

Code Optimization

Now that you have worked out the best keywords for your website, it’s time to optimize the code of your Web pages to improve your search engine ranking potential.

Optimization involves analyzing and improving all the important elements of your Web page code to ensure that it is written and presented appropriately. This will ensure optimal indexing in the search engine databases and maximize your position within rankings. Your website should have the following:

Effective titles
Keyword rich copy & descriptions
Error free coding
Correct meta tags
We provide a Code Optimization service that addresses the above issues (excluding keyword rich copy). We analyze your website and provide you with revised website code to ensure you are maximizing your ranking potential within the search engines. All you need to do is to ensure you upload and replace your old website code with the new one we provide. Alternatively, one of our specialists can upload your code for you ensuring it’s done professionally – giving you peace of mind.

Find out more about off-page search engine optimization. (Go to Step 4)
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