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Easy Submit- FAQs

  1. What is Easy Submit?
  2. What is the benefit of having a repeating Easy Submit subscription?
  3. Is Easy Submit a world-wide submission service?
  4. Is Easy Submit a one time or ongoing payment?
  5. Which 300 search engines do you submit to?
  6. What is the difference between a search engine and a directory?
  7. Do you submit to Yahoo!?
  8. How long will it take before my website is indexed by the search engines?
  9. How often should I re-submit my website?
  10. Why was my website not included in the search engines through Easy Submit?
  11. What is search engine spamming?


Q: What is Easy Submit?

A: Easy Submit is our industry leading automated search engine submission service. It provides submission to over 300 search engines including Google, ExactSeek, AllTheWeb and Jayde.

Submission to Google through Easy Submit also means that your URL will be included in results from AOL Search, MSN, Netscape Search, Lycos and many more.


Q: What is the benefit of having a repeating Easy Submit subscription?

A: Repeating the Easy Submit service ensures you benefit from the following:

Changes to website: If you have any changes to your website, the latest version of your page will be submitted.

Avoid impact of search engine changes: With regular changes to the search engine databases algorithms, regular submission can help minimize the impact of any algorithm variations.

Improves the likelihood of spidering: Beyond acting as backup, regular submission can encourage regular spidering (reading of content) of your site, which helps to maintain an up to date search engine presence.

Start your link building: With the large number of search engines and directories included in our Easy Submit service, inclusion in any of these helps with your link popularity. It is obviously important to ensure these links relate to your site, but initially Easy Submit creates a good platform to start your link building process.

Saves your time: With the ease of this service and the great value; Easy Submit saves your valuable time and money.


Q: Is Easy Submit a world-wide submission service?

A: All of our submission services are aimed at a world-wide promotional level.

Easy Submit includes submission to hand selected and clean search engines & directories including Google, AllTheWeb, Jayde, ScrubTheWeb, Abacho, Aeiwi, ExactSeek, Mirago, Search It, Sympatico, Web Trawler and many more. However, we cannot select a certain country or category for your website to be included in.


Q: Is Easy Submit a one off or ongoing payment?

A: When you place an order for Easy Submit you will be charged once for each URL you send to us and the service will be completed for each particular URL.

There will be no further charges or submissions through Easy Submit UNLESS you request it via our Customer Service Department or you left the "Repeat" option ticked during the ordering process.

In this case, all Easy Submit services you originally ordered will be repeated on a monthly basis.


Q: Which 300 search engines do you submit to?

A: Here is a list of over 100 of the top search engines that we submit your website to with Easy Submit. All of the remaining search engines are fed from the list below, in that the search results from some of these search engines are shared.

Aatrax Abacho France Abacho Germany
Abacho UK AdWebZone Aeiwi 
Aesop Allestra  API Links
Arianna Asiaco B Central 
BBC WebGuide Beamed Bellnet
Caloweb DE Caloweb FR Canada One Directory
Canadien eh City-fux Germany classified2000
Cognigen Telecom Coyotesearch CozyCabin
Cruiser Emailpromoter
Entire Web ExactSeek F10
FFA Farm FindOnce Foundya
German Fireball Directory Google BE Google Brazil
Google CH Google France Google Germany
Google Italia Google NL Google Spain
Google UK Goto411 HiddenStreet
Hotbot UK iDoFind Iguana
Imarvel Info Apex InfoSeek Japan
Intel Search Japan-guide JBlue
Khoj Mexico Web Mirago
Mix Cat Montreal Plus Motore
MSN France MultiLinks Ncanal
NerdWorld Netrogenic NetSearch
Newwebstuff Nzexplorer Official Site Register
PrimeFind Raging Banner Search Scrub The Web Search
Search Ave Search It Search King
Search UK Search1608
Sisbi Skipper Snow Crest
SpeedFind Submit One Super P
Surfgopher Directory Sympatico Sympatico/en
Szukaj Tgcom Tigersuche
TrueMoney4u TurnPike Emporium Vindex
Voila French Voyager Web Search
Web Trawler Web Wizard Zebra South Africa
1CokeMKG Link Page 1HighSchElect Link Page 1TennPuters Link Page


Q: What is the difference between a search engine and a directory?

A: The fundamental difference between search engines and directories is that search engines utilize spiders/crawlers to gather information about websites (e.g. Google), whereas directories are usually human edited and require a human to input this information during the submission process (e.g. Complete Online Directory).


Q: Do you submit to Yahoo!?

A: Our Premium Submit submission service submits your webpage to Yahoo!.

Alternatively, our Easy Search Advertising service will ensure your website is on the first of Yahoo! search results.


Q: How long will it take before my website is indexed by the search engines?

A: After we have submitted your website to the search engines and directories it will take between one day and a couple of weeks for your website to be added to their indexes.

Such a delay between the date of submission and the date of indexing is due to the extremely high number of submissions that the most popular search engines receive each day.

Please note that Easy Submit will only submit your website into search engines and does not guarantee your website will be included in the search engine indexes.


Q: How often should I re-submit my website?

A: We recommend re-submitting your website whenever the page content has been updated, so you might want to consider repeating a submission service monthly.

You can do this by ordering our Easy Submit or Premium Submit services and choosing the "Repeat" option. We will then ensure that your website is re-submitted every month.


Q: Why was my website not included in the search engines through Easy Submit?

A: There is no assurance that Easy Submit will have your website achieving inclusion straight away. It is simply a cost & time effective submission service to start your Search Engine Marketing campaign.

If immediate listing is your goal, there are additional ineedhits services that are aimed at rapid inclusion for your website. They allow you to choose which of the major search engines you want to gain inclusion within, and work towards getting you exposure in the shortest timeframe.


Q: What is search engine spamming?

A: Search engine spamming involves using different methods to deceive search engine spiders to achieve higher ranking.

If you do search engine spam then your page will be penalized and removed from the search engine index. 


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