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Q: What is Easy Search Advertising?

A: Easy Search Advertising is an easy way to generate guaranteed, qualified traffic for your website with a customized, professionally managed online advertising campaign. 

We set up and manage your campaign to effectively drive targeted traffic to your site.

You pay a very competitive initial set-up fee and a set daily management fee (charged monthly). In addition, you determine your monthly click budget and pay only for the clicks you receive. All clicks are billed directly by the search engines; ineedhits does not collect any mark-up on click fees (like other search engine marketing agencies do).


Q: How Does Easy Search Advertising Work?

A: You only need to provide us with your website address and a few other pieces of information that we need to set up your advertising campaign to suit your needs. Then, we will assign an account manager who will do the following:
  1. Create professional text ads including title and description for your website.
  2. Select the keywords that will drive qualified traffic to your website.
  3. Set up your advertising campaigns at Google and Yahoo!. This includes entering your keywords and advertisements, creating a bidding strategy and implementing all relevant account and budget settings.
  4. Monitor, adjust and optimize your campaign on an ongoing basis so that you receive guaranteed, qualified traffic up to your set monthly click budget.
  5. You will receive monthly performance and activity reports so that you can monitor the success of your campaign. We will implement changes that you wish to make, but in general all you need to do is sit back and watch the traffic come in!


Q: What search engines can I advertise on with Easy Search Advertising?

A: With Easy Search Advertising, you can choose to advertise on Google and/or Yahoo!. These two search engines combined have a reach of over 95% of all Internet users, and are known to offer the highest quality advertising traffic.

While advertising in other search engines can be a useful extension of your search marketing, your advertising presence in Google and Yahoo! enables you to connect with a large, high quality audience.


Q: Why should I use Easy Search Advertising and not buy clicks directly from search engines?

A: Running a successful advertising campaign requires expertise and experience.

Ad creation, keyword selection and account setup on different search engines is complicated and time consuming and often requires training to learn, as well as continuous click price monitoring. This could waste over 10 hours of your time per month, which is time that you could spend on your customers.

With its low setup and account management fees, and because you only pay for the clicks what the search engines charge, Easy Search Advertising is an easy, economical solution.

Benefit from professional campaign management and use your own time most efficiently on other business tasks!


Q: What is the recommended monthly click budget?

A: We recommend a minimum click budget of $150 per search engine. So if you want to advertise on both Google and Yahoo!, we recommend a monthly click budget of $300.


Q: What is a Qualified Visitor?

A: A qualified visitor is an Internet user who is directed to your site during his or her search for a subject matter included on your website. Since this user has been actively looking for information about your products or services and in this regard is "pre-qualified" as a potential prospect, it is more likely that such a visitor will convert to a paying customer.

With Easy Search Advertising, we ensure you receive qualified visitors by selecting appropriate keywords (or search terms) for which your text ad will be displayed. So your ad will only be displayed if search engine users are looking for topics directly related to your site.

In Google, you can also target specific local areas. This means your ads will only appear for customers searching within the area you have selected. This is particularly useful for small businesses which have a very localized customer base. Geo-targeting helps ensure your traffic is not only targeted by specific, relevant keywords, but by geographic location as well.


Q: What about the ROI - how do I know if Easy Search Advertising is making money for me?

A: Easy Search Advertising ensures that you receive highly targeted, qualified traffic.

You will receive reports explaining how many clicks you received from which search engine for which search terms. Remember that once a visitor has reached your website you need to ensure that visitors will convert into paying customers by offering a user-friendly and professional website.

You can monitor visitor activity on your website with the help of a web statistics program. We strongly recommend that you use a web statistics program that allows you to monitor sales by traffic source. If you do this, you can compare the revenue you generated from your pay-per-click campaign with the costs of your campaign and calculate your ROI (return on investment). Contact our Easy Search Advertising Team if you'd like further advice on ROI measurement and web statistics programs!


Q: How can I geographically target my ad?

A: In Google, you have the option of geo-targeting in your city, county/state or nationwide. You can even specify your business opening hours, so that your ads are shown in those times, to only receive queries when you are open to take them! Yahoo! does not offer any geo-targeting options at this point in time.

Please fill in your options in the geo-targeting field of the order fulfillment page.


Q: How will my ad look?

A: As part of Easy Search Advertising, we will submit your advertisement to the search engines Google and/or Yahoo!.

The ads on the right hand side of search engine results pages are in the sponsored links area and this is where your site's advertisement will also appear.


Q: What reporting do I receive?

A: The day your account is setup you will receive your first initial Live Report. Within 10 days of setup, you will then receive a report which will give you the details of your advertisement text for the search engines, the keywords for which you will be found, and other relevant campaign details. From then on, you will receive a fortnightly report with detailed information about the amount of clicks you received for your keywords and the campaign optimization and maintenance work that was completed during the period.

All Easy Search Advertising reports are also available in your ineedhits account admin login at .


Q: How can I change my ad/keywords?

A: Please note that an experienced account manager has selected these on your behalf and even though changes are not recommended, these details can be updated on your behalf. You can do this by emailing at any time.


Q: I would like a higher position in the search engine results pages from my campaign. How do I do this?

A: Pay-Per-Click advertising will not get you in a higher position in search engine results pages. Pay-Per-Click advertisements appear on the right hand side and sometimes at the very top under the "Sponsored Links" section in a Google/Yahoo! search.

If you would like to appear in a top position for your campaign then please contact your Easy Search Advertising Account Manager.

If you are interested in increasing your search engine results and appear in Google's left hand side results please check out our Professional Optimization Package.


Q: Why can't I see my advertisement?

A: Your ads will be displayed as long as your monthly click budget has not been reached.

You may want to try searching for some of the longer keyword phrases which have been selected by your account manager.

If you cannot see your ads after this time, it may be for a number of reasons which include:

  • Your budget limit has already been reached.
  • Your competitors have a very high budget, so your listing won't be shown for every search (e.g. you might appear once every five searches).
  • You're targeting a specific geographic region that you're not located in.
  • You campaign has time scheduling and you're searching outside the times your ad is set to run.

If the above reasons don't apply, please contact your account manager who will be able to help answer your queries.


Q: Can you send me an invoice for ineedhits or Google/Yahoo! payments?

A: You can access all you ineedhits invoices by loggin into your account adn clicking on the "Order History" tab in your Account Toolbox.

If you would like your Easy Search Advertising invoices from Google/ Yahoo! then please contact your Easy Search Advertising Account Manager and they will provide this to you.


Q: Why aren't I receiving any traffic from the Easy Search Advertising program?

A: Rest assured that you are receiving highly qualified visitors and targeted traffic to your website.

Every fortnight you will receive an Easy Search Advertising report displaying the amount of clicks you received and the keywords that delivered these clicks.

If you are not tracking your clicks we recommend using Google's free analytics program, Google Analytics.


Q: What do the distribution options "search" and "content match" mean?

A: "Search" means that your ads will only be shown on the search engine results pages of Google and/or Yahoo!.

"Content Match" means that your ads will also be displayed throughout the network of publisher sites affiliated with these search engines.

While content match increases your reach, the quality of traffic may also be lower than that of search traffic. We recommend starting your advertising campaign with the "search only" option.


Q: Will I receive a constant supply of traffic?

A: Easy Search Advertising will endeavor to deliver an even flow of advertising traffic up to your specified budget limit throughout the month. We will not exceed your set click budget.


Q: Can I change my click budget at any time?

A: Yes. Since you specify a monthly budget we recommend that you do not change your budget more than once a month.


Q: Why am I being billed seperately by ineedhits and Google/Yahoo! from the Easy Search Advertising program?

A: ineedhits will bill you only for the initial setup and management of your Easy Search Advertising service and clicks are billed directly by the search engine. This means that ineedhits make no margin on these clicks and all your click budget is spent on receiving highly targeted traffic to your website.


Q: Can I cancel at any time and do I have to pay a cancellation fee?

A: You may cancel at any time and there are no cancellation fees. Already paid account fees are non-refundable, any unused click balances will be used up.


Q: I have an Easy Search Advertising service. How can I contact my Account Manager?

A: There are two ways you can contact your account manager. You can either send them an email to or call them on

US (415) 287-3169
UK 020 3286 9329
AUS (03) 9005 7440


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