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Reseller Program Case Studies:

ineedhits Partner Spotlight

Partner Since:   September 2008 
Promotion:   Free Tools, Website links, Emails to Customers 
Main Products:   G-Boost, Premium Submit, Top Up Traffic, Easy Search Advertising

Q&A with Matthew Meyer from Quickregister:

1. Why did you sign up to the ineedhits reseller program?

My website,, already was promoting free SEO tools but I needed to have real SEO services to upgrade my visitors to. I wanted to provide quality services.
In order for me to provide these services myself it would have taken months of organization and development. It made more sense for me to find a quality partner.

2. How easy was it to integrate the tools and products into your site?

The integration consisted of simply adding some code to my website. Very easy. It took a day or so.

3. How do the ineedhits products and tools compare to others you've promoted?

I was relying too much on Google Adsense before. I prefer to offer real, relevant products and services first and then add some Adsense. Ineedhits converts fantastic for my site! I really appreciate that they have real customer service (a phone number), quality subscription based products and a long history of success.

4. How have you found the reseller support, management area and payment methods/timing?

I tried to partner with another SEO provider and they never returned my call. I even referred a customer who ended up paying them $2000. per month and they gave me nothing. Ineedhits has called my personally and asked me if there was anything they could do to help me promote their program. The billing people personally contacted me and made sure I was paid. First rate support.

5. Has the ineedhits reseller solution been financially rewarding?
How much revenue do you expect it to generate for you this 12 months?

I am very happy with the financial results from the reseller program. I see this building each month. I wish I had started years ago! Ineedhits has some important strong points. They offer quality subscription based products with excellent support. This is very important because customers will keep renewing if they are getting results. That is why I am better off partnering with them rather than providing the services myself. They can provide a quality experience for my customers. I can then concentrate on getting traffic. Win win.

Matthew Meyer


"I wanted to provide quality services. In order for me to provide these services myself it would have taken months of organization and development. It made more sense for me to find a quality partner. 

I am very happy with the financial results....I wish I had started years ago!"

Matthew Meyer    

"We have co-branded various ineedhits “budget” SEO and listing products. These have again proved profitable and ineedhits has delivered a quality product on time and with promised results.

I am happy to recommend this organisation
and encourage you to contact me directly if you wish to discuss this further."

Monte Huebsch (CEO)    



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