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Private Label/API Search Marketing Reseller Program

Our API solution gives you total flexibility to offer our products with your own branding
  • From your own website
  • Setting your own pricing
  • Bundling them into your own packages
  • Emailing or storing service reports in your customer admin area
  • Providing private label email support operated by ineedhits staff

Is the Private Label or API Reseller Program Right for You? 

Our Private Label and API reseller solutions offer the greatest level of flexibility and profit potential. Given the revenue potential and technical involvement in these programs, please ensure you meet the following requirements prior to applying.
  Do you have over 1000 active paying customers?
  Want to offer Search Marketing services from your own website?
  Would you like an uncapped ongoing income stream?
Partner Program Snapshot:
 Commission:  up to 45% 
 Customer Service:  included
 Billing:  ineedhits
 Website:  co-branded
Integration Cost:  See below
If you answered "yes" to all the questions above, congratulations! You are a strong match for our API/Private Label program requirements. We encourage you to contact us today to get started.

  API / Private Label Reseller Program Details:

Offer the full ineedhits range of products to your customer base. Set your own pricing, do the sales and billing and ineedhits will take care of all service fulfilment, reporting and even customer service if you prefer. Service reports will be fed back into your system so you can integrate this within your own website

With a wholesale rate offered of up to 50% off the ineedhits RRP, you will not only help your customers by allowing them to succeed online but will develop a new income stream for your business. 

Wholesale Rate
(based on ineedhits RRP)
PRODUCTS  Retail Price
No customer
email support
G-Boost, Y-Boost, M-Boost $19.99  50% 40% 
Premium Submit $34.99 50% 40%
Easy Submit $4.99 50% 40%
G-Local Business Listing Guaranteed $149 30% 20%
Easy Search Advertising  Fr. $149  30%  20% 
Premium SEO  Fr. $579  30%  20% 
Top Up Traffic  $9.99 25%  15% 
QuickHits  Fr. $9.99 25%  15% 
Link Building $29.99 25% 15%
Package Deals  Fr. $49.99  25%  15% 
Banner Displays From $9.99 25% 15%

  Program Requirements:

As our API/Private Label reseller program places no limits on pricing or earning potential, it is reserved for partners that meet the minimum requirements. To join the API / Private Label program, please be aware of the following conditions:
- Integration costs of $2000 (API) OR $5000 (Private Label), both refundable if Sales Targets are met within agreed timeframe.

- Private label resellers must have an active base of at least 1000 customers OR own a website that generates over 100,000 unique visitors a month.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the above program requirements.

  Samples of Private Label Execution

While we'd love to share real life examples of our Private Label reseller execution, we can't as we unequivocally respect the anonymity of our API partners.

If you're wondering how the program can be integrated into your business or website; our resellers have implemented some or all of the following: 

  Search engine marketing listed as add-ons in the cart process
  Integrate reseller services into existing product/service packages
  Create a stand alone website to retail search marketing services under your own brand

  Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between the API and the Private Labelled version?

With the API version we provide an interface to accept and fulfil orders, as well as to pass back reporting information. You can then feed this into your account administration area so your customers can view their progress on.

The Private Labelled version is basically a white labelled version of the ineedhits website. This works best for a partner which does not already have an existing billing or account admin area

How long does it take to setup?

This can range for 2-8 weeks depending on your requirements and preferences. Contact us for a more detailed time frame.

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