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Co-Branded Affiliate Search Marketing Reseller

The Easiest Way to Start Earning Money!

If you you're looking for a hassle free way to create a sustainable income stream, then our co-branded (affiliate) SEM reseller solution is the perfect program. Simply link to our products from your website or communications, and every sale you generate earns you great commissions - for the lifetime of the customer. 

Do you own a high traffic website?

Would you like to help your visitors also succeed online with their own websites? 
Let ineedhits help you monetize this traffic. Take our 1 month trial and see how we help turn these visitors into ongoing commission for your website. Setup a referral link within minutes and receive:
  Co-Branded version of the ineedhits website and access to our full product range  
  Ongoing lifetime commission of up to 45% for the lifetime of the customer, including any future purchases. 
  Access to our reseller account admin area where you can see your sales, download collateral and manage your reseller profile 
Partner Program Snapshot:
 Commission:  up to 45% 
 Customer Service:  included
 Billing:  ineedhits
 Website:  co-branded
Integration Cost:  FREE

  Example of successful co-branded partner programs:

Our co-branded resellers use a variety of ways to promote our services and send traffic to the co-branded site. Some of the most effect ways include links on their website, email marketing, PDFs/presentations etc. Below is an example of how a reseller has linked to our services from their website, and the journey a visitors goes through.



  Industry Leading Reseller Commissions:

The ineedhits search marketing and SEO reseller program offers some of the most competitive commissions in the industry. Partners can start earning immediately and receive commission for the lifetime of customers - few other reseller programs offer such attractive commission rates.

PRODUCT  Retail Price
(see below)
G-Boost, Y-Boost, M-Boost $19.99  30% 45%
Premium Submit $34.99 30% 45%
Easy Submit $4.99 30% 45%
RankLocal From $59.99 20% 35%
G-Local Guaranteed Business Listing $169.99 15% 30%
Easy Search Advertising (AdWords) From $229  10% 10%
Premium SEO  From $579 10% 10%
Top Up Traffic  $9.99  10% 25%
QuickHits From $9.99 10% 25%
Link Building $19.99 10% 25%
Package Deals (all package products) From $49.99  10% 25%
Banner Displays From $9.99 5% 20%
Other ineedhits Products N/A 5% 20%
Bonus Commission is earned at a rate of 5% per US$5,000 net revenue achieved in a calendar month, up to a maximum of 15%. E.g. If a Partner had revenue of $12,000 in a certain month, their G-Boost commission would be 40% for that period. Bonus commissions are not provided for Guaranteed SEO and Google AdWords.

  Look at how much you could earn...

Many of our resellers earn 1000’s of dollars per month by simply referring traffic to us, while at the same time providing meaningful website promotion to their visitors. Here is an example of what partner which refers 500 visitors/day to ineedhits can earn in commissions.

Note conservative values have been used.

Estimate based on:
Daily Visitors 100
ineedhits conversion 3%
Average Order Value $50
Average Commission 35%
Monthly Retention 85%
  Month 1  Month 2  Month 3  Month 6  Month 12  Month 18 Month 24
New Commission  $1,575 $1,575  $1,575 $1,575 $1,575 $1,575 $1,575
Renewal Commission    $1,339 $2,477 $4,965  $7,431  $8,362 $8,713
Monthly Commission  $1,575 $2,914  $4,052  $6,540  $9,006  $9,937 $10,288


  Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I see my sales?
You will be able to login to your customized ineedhits reseller area to view live data on the status of your account, including click-through, customer purchases and commission earned. 

In what ways can I promote you to my base?
You can include us on your website via text links, images which we provide you, as well as email collateral which you can send to your clients promoting our services. In fact some of our partners don’t even have a website and refer us via a printed flyer.

How does the commission get paid?
Commissions will be paid 15 days after EOM every month as long as the sum is above $250. If the sum is below that, we will roll it over to the next month to accumulate.

How do you know that I have referred you a customer?
When sending traffic to ineedhits, you add a referral link to the end of the URL. This referral link tells us that you have referred the customer. We also use cookie technology to tell us if a customer has returned back to our website, even if they don’t make a purchase on their first visit.

How long does it take before I can start earning commission?
Account setup takes 5 minutes and then all that is left is adding a link to your site. So what are you waiting for? Join Now!


Free SEO Tools - Co-Branded Reseller Program  

Enhance Your Visitors Experience and Grow Your Reseller Revenue!

As a co-branded partner you also have access to our SEO free tools which allow you to offer to your clients directly from your very own website. The ineedhits SEO Free Tools will help your customers evaluate their current SEO efforts, as well as provide recommendations on ineedhits products.

You will receive commission of any products which are purchased from your referrals.

Our free tools include:

  Free Simple Submission – Easy submission to 300+ search engines including Google. 
  Free Competitive Analysis – Your customers can evaluate who their closest competition is. 
  Free Position Check Tool – Check your ranking for keywords across major search engines. 
  Free Keyword Density Report – Maxamize the SEO benefits of good copy on your site. 

View Demo Site
Partner Program Snapshot:
 Commission:  up to 45% 
 Customer Service:  included
 Billing:  ineedhits
 Website:  co-branded
Integration Cost:  FREE

 Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I set up the free tools?
As soon you sign up to our program you will be provided with simple instructions on how to integrate the SEO Free Tools. It involves copying a small script (flash type) on your website and they work automatically from there.

How will customer buy products?
After a customer uses the tool, they will be presented with a product recommendation. They will then have the option of clicking on this link where they will be transferred to a co-branded version of the ineedhits website. All purchases will be done through here so you don’t need to get involved in the sales or customer service process. 

If you have any questions or unsure which seo reseller program is right for your business - Simply provide your details below and we'll be happy to help you find the right solution!

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