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"Agency" Search Marketing Reseller Solution

Offer Search Engine Marketing Services without Technical Hassles!

The ineedhits Agency Reseller Solution allows you to:

  • Outsource your search engine marketing needs
  • Charge an additional fee for the services you outsource to ineedhits
  • Re-brand our reports with your company branding
  • Service your customer base directly
It's perfect for companies who already have a good existing relationship with their clients and simply want to outsource the technical fulfilment of Search Engine Marketing services.

Partner Program Snapshot:
 Commission:  up to 45% 
 Customer Service:  included
 Billing:  ineedhits
 Website:  N/A
Integration Cost:  FREE

  Example of An Agency Reseller Solutions:

Marketing/Advertising Agencies and business consultants are prime candidates to benefit from the Agency reseller solution.

As you have an established relationship and strong rapport with your clients, the agency solution allows you to maintain your brand equity, and maximize the profitability of our partnership by adding our services to your existing solutions.  

Here's how most of our Agency Partners integrate our Search Engine Marketing services.

  1. ABC Marketing Agency decides to offer Pay Per Click advertising for their clients.
  2. Since they have a relationship with their client they can justify charging a higher cost for the running of the campaign.
  3. Agency sells Pay Per Click product to client and bills them directly and their own rates
  4. Agency orders the ineedhits product via their reseller referral links to receive the applicable rebate
  5. ineedhits deals directly with the agency and provides updates and reports to them
  6. Agency re-brands the reports and sends these to the customer

Thus allowing the Marketing Agency to help with their clients full marketing needs and not worry about the technical skills required.

If you would prefer to simply refer customers to ineedhits and have our team work with your clients directly, we recommend our Co-branded Reseller Solution.

  Industry Leading Reseller Commissions:

The ineedhits search marketing and SEO reseller program offers some of the most competitive commissions in the industry. Partners can start earning immediately and receive commission for the lifetime of customers - few other reseller programs offer such attractive commission rates.

PRODUCT Retail Price
(see below)
G-Boost, Y-Boost, M-Boost $19.99 30% 45%
Premium Submit $34.99 30% 45%
Easy Submit $4.99 30% 45%
RankLocal From $59.99 20% 35%
G-Local Guaranteed Business Listing $169.99 15% 30%
Easy Search Advertising (AdWords) From $229 10% 10%
Premium SEO From $579 10% 10%
Top Up Traffic $9.99 10% 25%
QuickHits From $9.99 10% 25%
Link Building $19.99 10% 25%
Package Deals (all package products) From $49.99 10% 25%
Banner Displays From $9.99 5% 20%
Other ineedhits Products N/A 5% 20%

Bonus Commission is earned at a rate of 5% per US$5,000 net revenue achieved in a calendar month, up to a maximum of 15%. E.g. If a Partner had revenue of $12,000 in a certain month, their G-Boost commission would be 40% for that period. Bonus commissions are not provided for Guaranteed SEO and Google AdWords.

  Look at the Revenue Potential of an Agency Partnership

Many Marketing/Advertising Agencies resell the ineedhits product range to their clients. Some of these also add a premium to the ineedhits RRP.

Here is an example of what a partner can earn when making 5 new sales per month of our average Pay Per Click package. Pricing at a 25% premium has also been shown for your convenience.

Estimate based on:
Monthly New SEO Sales 1
SEO 1st Month RRP $1,678 
SEO Ongoing RRP $779
Pricing Premium 25%
Average Commission 25%
Monthly Retention 95%
New Commission  $420 $420 $420 $420 $420
Renewal Commission    $361 $837  $1,596 $2,563
Monthly Commission  $420 $780  $1,257  $2,015  $2,982
with Premium Price $839 $1,561 $2,513 $4,030 $5,965  


  Frequently Asked Questions:

How would I pay ineedhits for my clients’ services?
All payments will be made via the ineedhits online ordering system via credit card. You will accrue commission based on these payments.

Will you contact my client directly?
When placing an order we would recommend that you provide us your contact details so we can liaise with you directly if required.

How do I set my branding on your reports?
All of our reports are provided to you in HTML and/or PDF format. You can re-brand these to your specifications before providing them to your clients if you wish.

What if my customer has technical questions about the service provided?
Simply forward any questions via email to our customer support team. We aim for a same business day response time.

How do I see my sales?
You will be able to login to your customized ineedhits reseller area to view live data on the status of your account, including click-through, customer purchases and commission earned.

How does the commission get paid?
Commissions will be paid 15 days after EOM every month as long as the sum is above $250. If the sum is below that, we will roll it over to the next month to accumulate.

How do you know which orders should be under my reseller account?
When placing an order, you will click on customized referral links which tells us that these new orders are from you. 

How long does it take before I can start earning commission?
Account setup takes 5 minutes and then you can start placing orders immediately. So what are you waiting for? Join Now!



If you have any questions or unsure which seo reseller program is right for your business - Simply provide your details below and we'll be happy to help you find the right solution!

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