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Increase your website exposure and traffic with a guaranteed listing in popular search engines.  


Paid Inclusion is a great way to ensure rapid listing of your key web pages in search engine results. Submitting your web pages via paid inclusion means you can be sure your website is visible in the search results pages (SERPs) almost instantly. Our range of paid inclusion choices are available to suit any budget:

  Google Inclusion
  Yahoo! Inclusion




ONLY $19.99/month

GUARANTEED 7 Day Google inclusion
Full refund of initial month if not listed
NEW! 5 Permanent Directory Listings every month!
  4 Business Day Yahoo! Inclusion
  Weekly Listing Updates (URL Refreshes)
  Comprehensive 12 Month Inclusion
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Top-Up Traffic
Top-Up Traffic guarantees your website top 10 exposure in over 350 search engines and directories. Order now and tap into unlimited search traffic instantly. Features include:

Top 10

  • Guaranteed Top 10 Listing
  • 350+ search engines and directories
  • Unlimited Search Traffic
  • No Click Fees



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What is Paid Inclusion?

Paid Inclusion is where a webmaster pays to have their website included in the index of a particular search engine. The larger paid inclusion programs (Search Submit Basic) offer many benefits over standard search engine submission which include:

  • Rapid Inclusion
  • Guaranteed inclusion for a subscription period (generally 12 months)
  • Regular refreshes of website content
  • Detailed click and traffic reporting
Aside from rapid website inclusion, the weekly refresh cycle remains one of the most popular benefits for webmasters. Weekly listing updates mean search engine spiders re-crawl your website every 7 days, and update the listing in search results accordingly. This provides an excellent tool to measure your website optimization efforts, as the resulting rank changes are reflected in search results on a weekly basis. These rapid updates are a great way to let webmasters know which SEO efforts provide the best gains for their website.

What Paid Inclusion Options Do You Have Now?

Yahoo! is the only remaining Tier 1 search engine offering a paid inclusion program at the present time. Yahoo! Search Submit Basic is offered by ineedhits and provides rapid Yahoo! inclusion based on a flat annual fee of $49.00per URL. Learn More.

Smaller (Tier 2) search engines also offer paid inclusion style advertising products that are available through ineedhits. With Top-Up Traffic, a website can gain top 10 search engine exposure across a whole network of search engines and directories and tap into over 150 million searches each month – a number which is growing every month!

ineedhits is a certified reseller of the Yahoo! Search Submit Basic program and was an original launch partner of Yahoo! Search Submit and Overture Site Match.

Previous Paid Inclusion Programs

Since 2000, ineedhits has been proud to be associated with a number of paid inclusion engines and been a reseller of these services.

Below are the programs that ineedhits has been associated with:

ineedhits - Serving 1 Million Businesses Since 1996

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