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Rank: Rank is a certain position where your website gets displayed in search engine results for a particular search term. As a rule of thumb, the higher a web page ranks in search engine results, the more search engine users it gets exposed to and the more people will click on the result.

Results Page: When a user conducts a search, the page that is displayed, is called the results page. Sometimes it may be called SERPs, which stands for "search engine results page."

Source: Webmaster World Forums

Return on Investment (ROI): A measure of the amount of money lost or earned on an investment compared to the amount of money invested. Normally expressed as a percentage. Example: If you spend $1,000 on a pay-per-click campaign and generate $1,450 in revenue from this campaign, your ROI would be 45%.

Robot: see Crawler.

Robots.txt: A file used to keep certain web pages from being indexed by search engines.

Search Engine: A search engine is best described as a database of websites users can search using search terms. Every search engine has its own algorithm which defines how the results are displayed. The aim is to display the most relevant pages for a given search term at the top of the search results.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): The act of marketing a website via search engines, whether this be improving rank in organic listings, purchasing paid listings or a combination of these and other search engine-related activities. Source: SEMPO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search engine optimization is both a science and an art ensuring that a website appears higher on a search engine results page for relevant search terms. This is achieved by altering a number of factors both on and off the page to take advantage of the way that a search engine works.

SEO is an overwhelming task for most of people and that’s why offers a range of SEO services, which you can find in the optimization section of site.

Search Engine Spamming: The attempt to achieve high search engine rankings through organic search engine optimization methods that are in breach of best practice optimization guidelines as laid out by the search engines’ webmaster guidelines or that are regarded as detrimental to the search engines’ efforts to deliver relevant and high quality search results.

Search Terms: The words or phrases used by people when performing searches in search engines. Also called keywords, query terms or query.

SEMPO: Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization. SEMPO is a not-for-profit professional association of the search engine marketing industry that aims to increase the awareness and promote the value of search engine marketing worldwide. ineedhits is a SEMPO member.

SERPs: Short for “search engine results pages”.

Spider: See Crawler.

Submission: Submission is the process of submitting URL(s) to search engines. It is important to note that unless you purchase paid inclusion, submission does not guarantee that your URL will be included in a search engine’s index.

Have you submitted your website to search engines? If not, do it for you. Save precious time with the Easy Submit one-stop submission service.

Traffic: The number of visits to a website. Normally counts the number of unique visitors to a website within a specified time period.

Trusted Feed: Trusted feed is a form of paid inclusion which uses bulk a XML feed to directly send website content to search engines for indexing. The feed can be optimized so that your website can take advantage better rankings and therefore more traffic. The popular choice for trusted feed service is Search Submit Pro.

Unique Visitor: A single individual visiting a website. If the same person visits a website more than once within a specified time period, he/she will still only be counted as one unique visitor.

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