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Inbound Links: A website contains inbound links if other websites link to it. Inbound links are highly considered by search engines, such as Google, when determining ranking for a particular web page.

Keywords: See Search Terms.

Landing Page: The page that a visitor arrives on after clicking on an online advertising link (for example a link in a newsletter, a pay-per-click ad or an organic search engine listing). Landing pages are critical in determining conversion or interaction success, and online marketers invest a lot of effort in optimizing the various elements of a landing page (calls to action, content, navigation, graphic design) to achieve the best possible conversion rate. A landing page should always be relevant to the message a visitor saw when clicking on a link. For example, an advertisement stating “Submit your URL to search engines now!” should direct to a landing page about search engine submission and not contain any off-topic content.

Link Popularity: Link popularity is one of the most important factors in getting a good ranking for a website and it is derived from the number of inbound links to your website. It is important to mention that search engines do not only take the number of inbound links into account when assigning the ranking to a website. The relevancy of those inbound links also needs to be considered, meaning that the links should come from websites that deal with topics related to your own.

Listings: Listings are the results that a search engine returns for a particular search term.

Local Search Engines: A term given to search engines that display businesses based on search terms and location. Examples of local search engines include Google Local and Yahoo! Local.

Local Search Listing: An enhanced business listing that is submitted to 35 local search engines including Google Local and Yahoo! Local. A Local Search Listing also includes an Online Local Profile.

Meta Tags: Meta tags are bits of text which are placed within the HTML code, but are not displayed on the website. Search engines use these tags for the sole purpose of indexing and cataloging your website.

Does your website have meta tags? Code Optimization is an easy solution, performed by our SEO Specialists, to ensure your code contains the all important meta tags, but no errors.

Meta Description Tag: The description meta tag is a general description of what is contained in your web page. Some search engines (not all) display the content of the description tag below your title in the list of results.

Meta Keywords Tag: The keyword meta tag was designed to help search engines understand the relevance between a website and the search terms people use in order to find it.

Meta Title Tag: The title meta tag is critical for search engine optimization since content contained in title tags is not only assessed for ranking, but can also be displayed as hyperlinked text on search engine results pages and appears in the title bar of web browsers.

Natural Search Engine Optimization: Also called “organic search engine optimization” or simply “search engine optimization”. Any techniques used to improve the ranking of a web page within the main search engine results. Natural search engine optimization includes techniques that comply with search engine guidelines as well as techniques deemed to be unacceptable by search engines (also called search engine spamming or black hat SEO). Using black hat SEO techniques is highly risky and not recommended as it can lead to web pages being banned from search engine results.

Online Local Profile: A detailed business profile with a unique URL you can provide to your customers. You get complete control of your Online Local Profile and can populate it the way you like. The best thing is you don't need a website to get started!

Optimization Services: A summary term for a wide range of search engine optimization services offered by search engine optimization companies. Services can include, but are not limited to, keyword research, review and improvement of meta data, copywriting, backlink building, sitemap design, consultation on site design and navigation, and search engine submission.

Organic Results / Listings: Organic listings are the natural listings returned on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), which are ranked on relevancy to a search term.

Outbound Links: Links on a particular web page leading to other web pages. These links can be links to other websites or links within a same website.

Paid Inclusion: Paid inclusion is a submission service where you pay a fee to a search engine and the search engine guarantees that your website will be included in its index. Paid inclusion programs will also ensure that your website is indexed very fast and crawled on regular basis.

The best known paid inclusion service is Yahoo! Search Submit Basic.

PPC (a.k.a. Pay-For-Performance): Stands for Pay-Per-Click and is the type of program where you bid on keywords for your site to be displayed in sponsored ads/links area when a user searches upon certain keywords. URLs with a higher bid will be displayed in a more prominent position.

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ineedhits - Serving 1 Million Businesses Since 1996

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