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Easy Search Advertising – guaranteed Google online advertising service. 

Search Advertising

Google Online Advertising Delivers Targeted Website Traffic in just 48 hours!

Easy Search advertising is the most successful way to drive more customers and sales to your business through Google online advertising.

  Tailored ad campaigns for your products/services
  First page exposure for at least 100 search terms
  Detailed traffic and exposure reporting
  Pin point your marketing with location targeting
  BRAND NEW: Built-in Lead Generator System
  Risk Free Trial - No minimum terms

A tailored search advertising campaign:  
from only $649.00/mo

Why is Google Online Advertising a MUST for your business?
Searching for a business in Google is now more common than using the Yellow Pages. With more and more people using search engines to find products and services - you can't afford to miss out on Google exposure with Easy Search Advertising.

Google generates over  6 million searches every month - that's exposure to potential customers that your business needs.

"What is Google Online Advertising?"
Google Online Advertising involves promoting your business on Google using their sponsored listings (search engine advertising). Google is the world's largest and most used search engine and is now the preferred online advertising choice for businesses of all sizes.

Google search engine advertising ensures your business features in the prime view on Google - right at the TOP of the search results in front of potential customers! 
  Google Online Advertising sample advertisement – search engine advertising.

Instant Results  GUARANTEED - So What Are You Waiting For?
Our team of trained Google Online Advertising Specialists will have your business listings up in Google within 48 hours and potential customers seeing your products and services immediately.

Every day you wait, is another day that your competitors are stealing your customers. Secure your new customers today!    

NEW: Lead Generator System - Turn Clicks into Customers
You'll be impressed with the effectiveness and convenience of the new Lead Generator System. The system is designed specifically to maximize the number of leads you get from your search advertising.

Your campaign has a dedicated conversion optimized web page which compels visitors to enquire about your products and services. The lead generator system integrates your ads with conversion web page and your account. So every customer lead we generate from your campaign is not only sent straight to you via email, but also stored for easy access in your account area.

How Many Visitors Can You Expect
The greatest part of Easy Search Advertising is that you'll get new visitors to your website and business every month Guaranteed. Whether your advertising budget is $3 per day or $300 per day - we have a search engine advertising package that will ensure you're getting the highest level of visitors for your money.


We understand: It's not about clicks - it's about customers
We've been in the search engine advertising business since 1996, and we understand that your business needs more than just website visitors - you need customers.

Google Online Advertising offers unparalleled targeting to help ensure that the search advertising traffic we deliver to your business is qualified and searching for your products and services - increasing the chances of them becoming your "customer".

Exposure is FREE - You just pay for the traffic!

The greatest part of Google online advertising is that you pay for actual visitors to your website. That's right - you per click to your website (not per impression) which means that you can really see the value you're getting. You'll never get that sort of offer from Yellow Pages or newspaper advertising! 

Don't Take Our Word for It - Here's What Our Customers Think



Simply choose the amount of search advertising traffic you need!

Simply choose the level of visitors you need and we deliver! Clicks are billed directly by the Google and Yahoo! 

  Advanced Expert Platinum

Visitors /mo.

Visitors /mo.*

Visitors /mo.

Advertising Budget  $10 /day $20 /day $50 /day
Search Engines Google Google, Yahoo!  Google, Yahoo! 
Included Keywords 200 300 500
Campaigns 4 6 10
Personal Account Manager Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Fee $649.00 $949.00 $1,939.00
One-Time SetUp $329.00 $479.00 $769.00
  * clicks are estimates - actual visitors could be higher or lower depending on industry.
* advertising clicks are billed directly by the search engines (Google/Yahoo!).

Maximize Your Coverage - Multiple Campaigns
Google Online Advertising sample advertisement – search engine advertising.  Search advertising campaigns are the key to targeting your Google ads to specific areas of your business or website. Think of them as different ads in the yellow pages for your various services or products. For example - if you're a law firm - you can have one campaign for criminal law and one for immigration law.  
Reach the Widest Audience - Extensive Keywords
Keywords are the foundation of search advertising. Selecting the right keywords for your Google online advertising campaigns ensures your business is exposed to the right audience based on what products/services/information they are actively searching for. This is like being found in 100 categories in the yellow pages. 
Ready to Increase Your Business? Start Your Campaign Now - $$649.00/mo >>

Stay on Top of Your Results - Full Reporting
Easy Search Advertising provides full reporting with valuable insight to your Google online advertising.  Search advertising is the most accountable form of advertising available to business owners. As we constantly optimize and refine your campaign, our reporting provides you with valuable insights on which campaigns are performing the best so you cen see how your return on investment improves. 
Seeking Local Customers - Location Targeting
  Are you trying to reach local customers or prospects in a specific region? Easy search advertising, with its comprehensive geo-targeting, means you can pin point exactly which regional areas see your business' ads. If you're a restaurant in New York, you only want to target this area - We ensure we don't waste your online advertising budget on people looking for restaurants in San Francisco or anywhere else for that matter. 

Get More Sales for Your Advertising Dollar - Start Now for $$649.00/mo >>

Qualified & Experienced - Peace of mind
Ineedhits - qualified Google AdWords online advertising company.  ineedhits has been providing online advertising to small businesses for over 11 years and we're pioneers in the Search Advertising field. We are a Google AdWords Qualified Company with a team of trained online advertising professionals. You're not alone when you employ ineedhits to manage your search advertising - thousands of other businesses rely on us every day to provide them with more sales and customers. 
No Contracts or minimum terms
  We're confident that you'll be impressed by the Google online advertising traffic results we achieve for your business, so we don't require you to sign any contracts or agree to any minimum terms. If, for any reason, you're not 100% satisfied with your search advertising results - you can pause or stop your campaign anytime.
There's nothing to lose but Sales - Try out Easy Search Advertising Now $$649.00/mo >>

Search Engine Guidelines For Easy Search Advertising Campaigns
Please note that Google and Yahoo! don't accept websites into their paid search campaigns that fail to comply with the following guidelines:

  • The URL must not have a redirect for Google online advertising .
  • The destination URL must be active and not under construction for it to be accepted into a search advertising campaign. The destination URL cannot link to an email address or a file.
  • Pop-ups are not allowed on the landing page used in a search advertising campaign.
  • In Google online advertising campaigns, links to your website must allow users to enter and exit the search advertising landing page easily, and to return to the search results page or ad network by clicking once on the browser's "Back" button.
  • The landing page should use a secure server (https://) when collecting personal information from users.
  • Search advertising programs will not accept sites that have Duplicate Content (e.g. affiliate sites).
  • The site must be legal. Our Easy Search Advertising program will not accept sites that promote illegal activities including music downloads and hate sites.
  • Our search advertising program follows Google AdWords' rules of only accepting pharmaceutical advertising from pharmacies that are based in the U.S. or Canada. Pharmacy-related ad campaigns can only target the U.S., U.S. territories (American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands), and/or Canada. Google online advertising ads for prescription drugs will not be displayed in other countries. Additionally, Google AdWords requires all online pharmacy advertisers and affiliates to be a member of the PharmacyChecker Licensed Pharmacy Program.

Do you want to find out more about Easy Search Advertising? Visit the Easy Search Advertising frequently asked questions .

Google AdWords Qualified Company providing Google online advertising services.
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Who is ineedhits? 
ineedhits has over 10 years experience in online marketing and building businesses online by driving good quality traffic to customers websites.

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ineedhits - Serving 1 Million Businesses Since 1996

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